“I looked back, wondering if I should go and see if the woman needed help getting home or finding a cab,” states one female witness in a sworn affidavit. “I feel terrible to say that she was so intoxicated that I was hesitate to get involved. I knew I should have gone back for her, but I didn’t.” She was left standing at the back bar.

©ABOUT MAGAZINE (Photos: Obtained by Diana Simms; Attorney of Victim; Reported weeks later blood was still on the wall.)

On the night of October 3, 2015 according to reports and statements; a Caucasian female, in her early 40’s was locked over night in a popular LGBT nightclub, after she had been violently assualted both vaginally and anally. Where the claimed assualt occurred is now the subject of debate.

At approximately 4 a.m. with her body violently shaking, she opened her eyes. It was completely dark, and cold; she was lying on the floor in the bathroom, her pants had been pulled back up, but not her panties. She couldn’t see. She heard the sound of faint beeping noise coming from her dying cell phone. The battery had life for just an ounce of light, and she was able to get a glimpse of her surroundings.

“I thought I was in someone’s basement.” Jane Doe tells About News in an exclusive interview. Jane Doe is not her real name. We have changed her name due to the nature of the alleged crime. She sat down for an exclusive in-depth interview as her way to fight back.

Upon getting her bearings, she stands up and tries to find the light switch. Her head is hurting and she feels like she’s been choked. But she doesn’t remember anything. She feels something is not right with her body, her vagina, and anus was in pain. She knew at that moment she had been violated. It was then; with the lights flipped on that she saw the blood splatters; and the damage.

“In the over 2 years that Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon has been in business, we have never had any incidents that affect our Customers. This is the first time we are hearing of any incident that may have occurred at Neon Boots and none of the Neon Boots staff were involved or were aware of what transpired relating to this any incident. We take this very seriously and will use all of our resources to investigate this incident and to cooperate with authorities if necessary in any way possible. The safety and satisfaction of our Customer’s is of the utmost importance at Neon Boots.”- NEON BOOTS MANGEMENT!

In photos obtained by the victim’s attorney; Diana Sims; a civil attorney representing the victim, clearly shows blood visible on the walls, and trash can; in the bathroom. According to the attorney; they were taken a week after the attack.

“The paper towel dispenser had been broken off.” Jane recalls, visually shaken, and scared. She sits across the table, explaining the details and occassionally her bottom lip shakes. “My head is still trying to process what happened to my body;” she says shaking her head and fighting tears.

The evening of October 3rd, started with two glasses of wine. She was excited to join a small group, for a friend’s birthday gathering. Not typically in circles with friends that go out on a regular basis, Jane admits she had been to Neon Boots ‘maybe 3 times in the last couple years.’ This night she opted drive her own car because she lived close.

A vodka soda, and one shot, Jane remembers having. This coincides with the bar tab of $17 dollars and $11 dollars. It was all she would remember that night. “Her behavior was in line with when given a date rape drug,” said Sims.

Still in a daze, and barley able to stand up; she starts to stumble around the bathroom. She cannot remember anything, and suddenly realizes she is the nightclub bathroom. “All I wanted to do was get out of there, and go home, but I was locked inside. I couldn’t get out.” Jane states. “ I couldn’t call 911 because my phone died.”

(Photos: Obtained by Diana Simms; Attorney of Victim; Reported weeks later blood was still on the wall.)

Approximately at midnight Jane’s friends departed crowded Neon Boots. Jane choose to stay behind with acquaints of her friends. They describe in statements that Jane was unruly, not like herself, and her behavior was ‘mimicking of someone’ who was on drugs. “I remember having a conversation about what drugs she was possibly on;” states a witness. “Because at no point in the entire three hours did I see her with a drink.”

Unbeknownst to Jane, her movements inside the closed bar; have alerted the owners. Before officers are notified, the owners arrive according to Sims. “They thought I was breaking in” Jane expresses. “I couldn’t tell them how I got there, or anything’ she stated, her memory of the evening goes as far as 11:30p.m.

According to the victim’s attorney, Sims; ‘her client woke up in the female restroom of the club. The place was closed, dark and no one was there.’ “The alarm went off around 4 a.m. One of the owners and my client reviewed the tapes for two hours before the police were called.” Sims stated to About News.

At 6:30am on Sunday, October 4, 2015 Houston Police are dispatched to Neon Boots. Upon arrival  a male officer met with clubs owners. Owners state “a female was inside and was claiming to have been sexually assaulted.” Jodi Silva, spokeswoman for Houston Police Department describes to About News “The club has a really good camera system, and investigators are tracking back through it, building a timeline, but there are no cameras in the restroom.”

Neon Boots owners question Jane, and have doubts to her story according to Jane, and her attorney. She showed officers the restroom and, they all viewed security footage. “Yes the door to the bathroom is covered to a degree.” Sims says “there were several people in the area” Sims says.

The Houston Police officer doubted Jane’s claims, and asked her ‘how she knew she had been raped if she doesn’t remember anything?’ Jane told us. In graphic detail Jane explains she took a piece of paper towel and wiped her vaginal area to show the police officer.  A female police officer arrived on the scene and took the victim to Memorial Hermann and later to Ben Taub; where a rape kit was performed. The results of a toxicology report could be flawed ‘because it was not done right away.’ Sims stresses. Which could impact results relating to what drugs or alcohol were in the victim’s system.

Houston Police and Sims both agree the kit was performed. HPD’s Silva confirmed the kit was tagged on October 9th and other evidence on November 5th. No results are being released pending a criminal investigation. An investigation; the victim’s attorney claims is stalled and being ignored. “We have new evidence and can not get the Detective to return our calls.”

Houston Police Department’s Special Crimes Division Officer N.L. Rose has been assigned the case. “They are dragging their feet on a case that’s solvable.” Sims says with visible frustration in her voice. “We’re frustrated.”

“When we tried to give them information relevant to this investigation” Sims explains. She claims the HPD investigator told her ‘you need to speak to our legal department.’ and went on to further say HPD told her  ‘no one has been interviewed at the bar.’

What did happen to Jane that October night? Jane claims ‘too much’ alcohol was not a factor. A number of reports from witnesses state ‘Jane’ had very little alcohol, yet seemed under the influence of something.

A night out with a group of female friends, at a popular LGBT nightclub, and a victim that cannot recall what happened to her when she woke up in a closed bar, and her bar tab was only a total of $28 dollars.

At 2pm Jane was last seen standing near the rear bar on the club. A number of witnesses place seeing her there as the lights to the club were turned on and the few remaining customers were ushered out.


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