In the United States, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. About Magazine and the team at UTMB’s Wavelength Medical are teaming up to help raise awareness.

Dear Readers,

Cancer is an ugly word. It strikes terror in people, because what we know about cancer is universally negative. No one wakes up and jumps for joy at the thought that they or someone they love has cancer. And why should they? Cancer appears and grows in various parts of the body – some harder to treat than others – and affects countless numbers of people all across the world. And while About Magazine is no medical journal, we were presented with a rather unique opportunity by the medical health professionals at Wavelength Medical of the University of Texas Medical Branch last week with which we had to jump on board.

At that time, program coordinator, Rebecca White (MBA, BSN, RN) reached out to About Magazine and explained that the physician she works for, Dr. Eric Walser, is specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer – a cancer which is just as likely to affect the straight & cis community as it is the LGBTQ community. Only, Dr. Walser is innovating the ways that prostate cancer is treated – trying to eliminate the need for radiation or total removal of the prostate. After explaining to us the methods he’s implementing, About Magazine and Nurse White sat down to draw up the first four weeks worth of plans in a six-month plan to promote these new methods, as well as to raise awareness about prostate cancer and its treatment.

wvm-with-utmb@3x Editor's Note: Partnering with UTMB's Wavelength Medical
Wavelength Medical at UTMB in Galveston

With that said, the contracts were signed today, and starting next Thursday, About Magazine will be bringing to our readers and viewers multimedia content that takes a deeper look at prostate cancer and how it affects the LGBTQIA community. We’ll be looking at ways to debunk myths about anal sex, discussing how trans women can continue to care for their prostate health through and after their transitions, looking at how hormone replacement therapy may or may not be increasing the risks of prostate cancer, explaining Dr. Walser’s methods of treating prostate cancer, and so much more. Through written content, video interviews, and interactive programming, About Magazine will be here to guide our viewers and readers down the right path to maintaining good prostate health.

We know that prostate cancer is just one form of cancer and that it is one of the most treatable forms. But we also know that by raising awareness, About and our friends at Wavelength Medical could help save the lives of LGBTQIA people, and maybe prevent the nightmares of radiation and prostatectomy. And our earnest hope is that by working with Wavelength, we’ll also be able to explore and raise awareness to countless other medical conditions that affect our community.

We hope you’ll stick with us on this journey and enjoy everything we will be bringing to you over the next six months (and hopefully longer!).



Anthony Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief

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