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Man Runs Car into LGBT Montrose Bar

Man runs car into TCs bar in Houston

Man Runs Car into LGBT Montrose Bar

(Houston, Texas) Late Tuesday afternoon a 83 year old male driving a white older model Lincoln town car plowed through a Montrose area gay bar named TC’s.

One person that was inside the bar was transported to the hospital. The driver was also transported.

It appears the driver backed into a parked car, a dumpster and then into a iron fence before putting it in drive and crossing the street where he went into the bar and parts of the outside patio.

Witnesses on the scene stated to About magazine at the scene was chaotic. One witness tells About that the driver possibly suffered a stroke.

At the intersection of Converse and Fairview where the accident occurred there can still be seen parts of the vehicle scattered for at least 200 feet from where the vehicle made impact with the bar.

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