As Cell Phone Theft Is On The Rise, A Gay Bar In Montrose Releases Video Of A Man Stealing A Bartenders Phone

(HOUSTON) — It’s a growing problem in and around the LGBT bars, and across the nation, and it’s leaving patrons and now bar employees frustrated. Crocker Bar, a local LGBT bar has released a video that appears captures a man stealing a cell phone from a bartender, in hopes to identify the suspect.

The video making its rounds on social media appears to shows a man lurking near the bar, and a cash register. The man quickly leans across the bar and snatches a cell phone. Once he has the phone in his possession, he quickly heads for the exit door.

Video-Captures-Man-Stealing-Cellphone-At-Bar-In-Montrose-1024x679 Video Captures Man Stealing Cellphone At Bar In MontroseHouston Police confirm cell phone thefts in bars and clubs are on the rise and patrons should take precautions to protect their belongings.

In the video, you see the suspect exit the bar. He is accompanied by two female friends. The video appears to show the man even looks straight into the camera as he leaves.

If you know this man, you are asked to contact Crocker Bar at (713) 529-3355

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