Returning after a successful first year, The Kitchen Sink is an opportunity event for photographers to come out, enrich, and diversify their portfolios.

(HOUSTON) – Everyone is a photographer in 2018. Right? Between Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, stories, filters, editing softwares, and high-resolution phone cameras, it seems like everyone has taken up photography as a hobby, and many as an amateur profession. And what do we get to see when we log into social media? Breathtaking landscapes, platters of food, fruity drinks, well-toned swimsuit models, and selfies made to look like a close-up shot taken by someone else. But photography is — and has always been — more than just these things; and as time generates new methods of snapping and editing photos, real, artistic, photography has taken a step back, somewhat cheapened by the 21st century amateur photographer.

33121570_10156533518609612_7455129925167611904_o-e1534378321864 Photographers Gather at the Kitchen SinkBut the Kitchen Sink is here to change that. After a successful freshman year in Houston, the event curated by Jeff Soderstrom is geared toward providing photographers a space and time to come in and create art for their portfolios is returning with that very same mission in mind. By bringing together dancers, singers, military members, clergy people , authors, seniors, children, male models, GLBT folks, plus-sized models, and all of the other beautiful outlier, the Kitchen Sink is pushing for photographers to have the opportunity to capture the beautiful and idiosyncratic parts of the world they may not get a chance to encompass in their day-to-day lives. Modeling at the event for Houston photographers include About Magazine’s own Gin Martini and her team of LGBTQ cosplayers, drag queen Cyn City, fire performer Desmund Iceucold Mitchell,Laura Siebert’s flamenco dancing group, magicians Rangel and Son, and so many more.

The event takes place this Saturday, August 18th. Photographers who are interested in participating can contact Jeff Soderstrom here.

Look through the photos below for some shots from last year’s event:

39157824_1902048606528000_5178997764540858368_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink38996941_680160905715871_9060626225541677056_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39261809_726254161062689_6136082302481989632_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39188287_1824530107601578_1407554112538542080_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39181069_323930085015494_1261545153122795520_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39177548_1820875851332932_3054434634717724672_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39169474_825706641152646_6869487292994551808_n Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink39159209_1692036040922745_7296934043294105600_n-1 Photographers Gather at the Kitchen Sink

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