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SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Al Farb and Anthony Ramirez



Tensions continue to rise between the two personalities, mostly in the form of GIFs.

The following article is satire and should not be taken seriously at all. 

(HOUSTON)— A D-list celebrity feud has erupted between New 93Q radio producer and personality, Al Farb, and About Magazine editor-in-chief and American Library Association award-nominated author, Anthony Ramirez.

The feud began like many other, with Farb snubbing Ramirez at the season finale of Dessie’s Drag Race this past Monday, as he continued to walk past Ramirez when the latter tried to greet Farb at the bar. Acclaimed drag queen and Miss Gay Texas America 2012, Kara Dion, was also reported to have been present, but has not been accused of snubbing. Ramirez made no public mention of the snub. However, on Monday, January 5th, Farb left comments on Ramirez’s Facebook page as follows:

Ramirez released a statement thirty seconds ago, exclusively to About Magazine:

“I am, of course, deeply hurt that Al Farb shaded me, not once, but twice. I was willing to look past it, but now I’m not so sure. I’m also deeply hurt that he doesn’t understand apostrophes. Please contact Morena Roas for #FeudWithAl shirts.”

Al Farb has not reached out to About Magazine for comment.

This is a developing story.

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Drag News

SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi



Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

In a shocking turn of events, former acquaintances Sonny Michael Woodcock (Ondi) and Anthony Ramirez have found themselves feuding … but probably only for attention.

(HOUSTON) — About Magazine editor-in-chief and The Anthony Project creator and star, Anthony Ramirez, is no stranger to feuds. Earlier this year, the Less Than Butterflies author fired shots at Dallas’s New Country 96.3 KSCS afternoon host and assistant programming director-turned-‘daddy’, Al Farb. At the time, it was claimed that the former New 93Q Country morning show producer had seen Ramirez while guest judging Dessie’s Drag Race at Rich’s Houston and snubbed Ramirez without so much as a hello. The feud has recently seemed to have settled, having seen Ramirez giving Farb a kiss on the cheek in this recent photo from a taping of Ernie Manouse’s PBS program Arts Insight:

But Ramirez has a long history of feuds he’s maintained over the years, including one with critically-acclaimed author Anne Rice, who released her 2014 novel Lestat on the same day as Ramirez’s 2014 critically-ignored novel, Witches of the Deep South. His newest feud however, is with an entirely new type personality — Sonny Michael Woodcock, better known (if known at all) as drag queen Ondi. The queen — who previously performed in Michael’s Outpost now-defunct C.U.N.Tuesday show — now only makes performances occasionally, stating, “I am white.”

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb FeudAfter a less-than-successful music career with a debut album from music producer Brice Cobb (Vitamin B), Ondi who often can be heard stating, “I’m an artist. That over there is trash,” was reportedly attending a late-night hoodrat party at the same time as Ramirez in a high-rise neither Woodcock nor Ramirez had any business attending because they are, in fact, both trash. At one point, it was reported that Woodcock left his phone unlocked on the kitchen counter, leaving Ramirez to his own devices (and one of Ondi’s). Moments later this status update appeared on Facebook:

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

More shots continued to be fired over the following weeks. Which can be seen here: 

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

The LGBTQ community of Houston seems to be incredibly torn with this feud, some people even playing both sides. In fact, Ramirez’s former feud-mate, Al Farb, seemed to be in support of Ondi on social media, but released the following statement in defense of Ramirez exclusively to About Magazine:

“I’m sorry. I don’t have time for this feud. I’m busy starting my own feud with Pride Houston. But leave my son alone.”

Other community members have also chimed in, including drag legend and queen, Kara Dion, whom we caught up with before her show backstage at Rich’s. When asked about the feud, Dion simply turned around in her seat and stated the following:

“You’re third!”

When we asked Ramirez — our boss — for a comment on the feud, he released two statements. The first in the form of this GIF:

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb Feud

And the next in the form of this image:

Ondi Sonny Michael Woodcock Anthony Ramirez Al Farb FeudSonny Michael Woodcock (Ondi) has yet to respond to our request for comment. But when told that this feud was about to get “next level” replied:

Who is this and how did you get my phone nUmber? […] I’m also at Phobia every weekend for the rest of Cocktober.

You can catch Ondi performing at Boheme this Saturday and catch Anthony Ramirez talk about his new sitcom The Anthony Project on a special episode of Ernie Manouse’s Arts Insight airing Friday, November 2nd at 8:30 PM on PBS.

This is a developing story.

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5 Times Beyoncé Proved She Is Definitely a Witch



Beyoncé Witch Kimberly Thompson Music

In light of the recent accusation by former drummer Kimberly Thompson that Beyoncé might be a witch, I find that there may be some possible validity in these claims. Let’s investigate.

If you worship Beysus as much as me, then you probably stay updated on the latest tea. In this case, that means that you’ve most likely gotten wind that Yoncé may or may not be a witch. As it stands, former drummer Kimberly Thompson has filed a restraining order against Queen Bey that claims Beyoncé practices “extreme witchcraft” and has used this supernatural abilities to sabotage Thompson’s career, as well as claiming that there were spells of molestation cast upon her. And … I mean … I’m not gonna lie to you, toots; I believe it.

How can one human be so talented? So revolutionary? So ahead of the curve without sacrificing kittens in the name of Satan (another claim by Thompson)? Well, she must be a witch; right? I will confess: there have been a few times that I myself have questioned her otherworldly powers. So let’s cut to the [feeling] chase and dive right into it all. Here is my rather convincing list of 5 times Beyoncé proved that she is definitely and irrefutably a witch.

1. The Last Hairbender

Remember when Beyoncé used her mind (ugh) to make her hair magically do choreography? This is clearly an exhibition of levitation. You can’t tell me this snatched-by-the-gods braid is being controlled by wires. “It’s levioh-yes-Mama-sa, not leviosa.” Light as a feather, stiff as a surfbort. Am I right? Or am I right?


2. Queen Supreme

The “Formation” music video accompaniment to the song from Beyoncé’s album Lemonade is a 21st century cinematic masterpiece and I will fight you on that if you disagree. In the iconic video, Beyoncé poses with her very own coven of witches in sickening witch garb that would have Ryan Murphy himself shaking in his last season Prada shoes. And that headbob action going on? Honey Bey is for sure doing some kind of witch’s dance that only fellow witches know about. Stop interruptin’ her grindin’, mere mortal! Your fave could n-e-v-e-r. Need more proof?


3. Beyoncé Knowles and the Goblet of FIRED

A strong witch gets what she asks for the first time; and if you don’t heed her commands, you will suffer at the hands of her almighty powers. Published in 2010 is a video of Sasha Fierce herself performing her hypnotic and hyperbolic incantation “Diva”. At the 45 second mark of the video, she demands that the lights for her performance be lit up. The light person fails to do so, then Bey shouts, “Somebody’s getting fired!” To make a long story short, the trifling light person who failed to do their job ended up getting fired (allegedly). Did she predict the future? Is she clairvoyant too? WOW! Can you believe?

4. Single Lady in the Water

Only the strongest witches can harness the power to control and move water. Bey always uses water imagery in her videos and live performances (she is a Virgo, after all). Remember that Japanese Crystal Geyser commercial from 2009 in which Beyoncé is controlling the water around her with her super witch powers and it totally wasn’t CGI? Honestly, she’s been letting us have it for years with actual proof that she is 100% a witch. Beyoncé Witch Kimberly Thompson Music

5. Sisters of the Moon

On May 20th 2001 (my 9th birthday FYI), Destiny’s Child released their legendary chart topping sound-spell “Bootylicious” (which I totally had on Hit Clips). You are a liar if you said this song doesn’t slap. The basis of the song’s production comes from a sample of the 1982 classic “Edge of Seventeen” written by The Ultimate White Witch herself, Ms. Stevie Fucking Nicks.

Hmm … I wonder whose idea it was to use a prominent sample of a fellow witch’s song …? Beyoncé is not afraid to reference, sweetie. And get ready for this jelly: The White Witch even appears in the music video for “Bootylicious”. So, if you’re not convinced Mama B is a witch yet, then you’ve got a big storm comin’.

There you have it folks; and bow down witches. The Supreme Queen Bey is here to remind every single one of you that she is a force to be reckoned with. She has showcased her abilities for years and guess what? She ain’t sorry! Boy, bye. And to Kimberly Thompson: Good luck with that restraining order. Make sure to sprinkle sea salt around your home and smudge yourself with sage to keep evil spirits at bay.

Or should I say, “at bey”?


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About Dallas

SATIRE: Feud Update – Al Farb v. Anthony Ramirez



Al Farb Anthony Ramirez feud About Magazine

The feud between former 93Q radio producer Al Farb and About Magazine editor Anthony Ramirez has taken a turn.

(HOUSTON) – While both About Magazine editor-in-chief, Anthony Ramirez, and former 93Q radio producer, Al Farb, have maintained their feud that began earlier this year (which About Magazine reported first [and alone]), new developments have taken place. It’s said that back in January, Farb snubbed Ramirez at the Dessie’s Drag Race season finale held at Rich’s when they stood next to one another at the bar. And since, fans of both Ramirez (affectionately dubbed ‘Fanthonys’) and of Farb (less affectionately dubbed ‘Pal Farbs’) have been more at odds than supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

However, this past Friday, Ramirez reached out to Facebook friends asking for recommendations on the best Chinese restaurants between Downtown Houston and Chimney Rock going south on Highway 59. And to the shock of many (at least to singer and entertainer Wendy Taylor), Farb (who most recently made the move to Dallas and is working as the host of country radio’s 96.3 KSCS’s Afternoon Drive) chimed in with a genuine response seen here:

Al Farb Anthony Ramirez feud About MagazineAl Farb Anthony Ramirez feud About Magazine

Al Farb Anthony Ramirez feud About MagazineRamirez responded cordially to the suggestion, but let Farb know that if he was wrong, there would be repercussions. He’s rumored to have told a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous), to be prepared to seek revenge on Farb if the food was dissatisfying.

“Al Farb swears this is the best Chinese food […] so if it’s not, we’re going to Dallas to burn down his high-rise.”

The restaurant in question was Fu’s Garden at San Felipe and Augusta. And, to the surprise of many, Ramirez not only enjoyed the dinner, but also responded to Farb with appreciation, affectionately referring to him as “meshuggah.”

When About Magazine reached out to Al Farb to ask the status of his feud with Ramirez, he responded:

“Who? I live in Dallas now. I’m busy.”

When we reached out to Ramirez about the feud, he stated:

“Farb is only mad because I refuse to be a fifth wheel. Also, isn’t this a conflict of interest? I will Miranda Priestly you so quick.”

Friend of both Farb and Ramirez (but mostly Ramirez), Wendy Taylor, hesitated to comment. Finally, after some slight harassment and black mail, she replied:

“I don’t know what to say! I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.”

More updates will come as they are made available.

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