For nearly 10 years, our team has provided award-winning, original LGBTQIA news and content for Texas

About Magazine + About News is an independent LGBTQIA news organization that produces local and state news, entertainment news, and investigative journalism in the public interest of our readers. About Editions is an LGBTQIA traditional publishing house that produces books of all kinds for the LGBTQIA community. About Media is an LGBTQIA production company bringing the community podcasts, TV shows, and video content in late 2018.

Our coverage focuses exclusively on important stories, or stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism and content that shine a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them, as well as by always providing the truth. About (in all its forms) is about giving a voice to the underrepresented LGBTQIA community through news journalism, multimedia content, and literature.

As an LGBTQIA news organization that provides coverage for the State of Texas and beyond, we offer original news content that is crucial to a functioning democracy. The need to nourish and sustain investigative journalism has always been our priority. On the media and publication side of our business, we also use our platform to amplify the voices and opinions of the LGBTQIA community based on its needs, concerns, desires, and goals.

About Magazine + About News + About Media + About Editions are headquartered in Houston, Texas. Its establishment was announced in November 2008, and has continued working for the community for nearly ten years. We have correspondents in Austin, Galveston, San Antonio and Beaumont, with our very first Dallas branch of the magazine having opened in June 2018. About plans to extend branches to Austin and San Antonio in 2019.

Our Editorial Team

Anthony-ramirez-About-Magazine-768x770-300x300 Our Staff

Anthony Ramirez

Editor In Chief

Anthony Ramirez is the Editor-in-Chief of About Magazine + About News + About Editions. He writes the column Less Than Butterflies for About Magazine, which is being complied into and released as a book this fall. He is also the author of the novels Witches of the Deep South and The Write Thing. His most recent novel, Where He Lay Down, was nominated for an honor by the American Library Association’s GLBT Over the Rainbow Committee. He is also the creator, host, and executive producer of About Media’s web series Wineding Down with Anthony, as well as the creator, star, and executive producer of the forthcoming About Media sitcom, The Anthony Project. He served from 2016 until 2018 as the volunteer committee chair for Pride Houston, where he was awarded Chair of the Year in 2017. Anthony lives in and writes from his home in Houston, Texas.

Wendy-Headshot Our Staff

Wendy Taylor

Creative Director

Wendy Taylor is the Creative Director for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. Wendy has been a musician, vocalist, and song writer since she was a child. Her credits including serving as a contestant in Pride Houston’s Pride SuperStar competition, as well as on the original run of American Idol. Wendy currently can be seen tackling the stage at many of Houston’s LGBTQIA venues, often serving as a rotating host for karaoke at Guava Lamp, hosting the annual Pride SuperStar competition, and hosting the main stage at the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration. She has been awarded numerous honors at both About Magazine’s FACE Awards and OutSmart’s Gayest and Greatest Awards. Wendy is also the co-executive producer of About Media’s forthcoming sitcom, The Anthony Project. Wendy, an outspoken activist, is the mother of three boys and numerous rescue animals. She lives in and works from Houston, Texas.

Jessica-Olsen-About-Magazine-300x300 Our Staff

Jessica Olsen

Associate Editor - About Magazine + Fiction Editor - About Editions

Jessica Olsen is the Associate Editor for About Magazine and is the Fiction Editor for About Editions. She is based in Houston, Texas. Her responsibilities include content editing and generating creative ideas for new content. Though not LGBTQIA herself, Olsen is an avid supporter of LGBTQIA rights and an ally of the entire community. Among the work that she has edited for About Editions is Mathieu Cailler’s May I Have This Dance, which won the 2017 New England Book Festival award for poetry, and Anthony Ramirez’s Where He Lay Down, which was nominated for an honor by the American Library Association’s GLBT Over the Rainbow Committee. Jessica lives and works from her home in Spring, Texas.

ianheadshot Our Staff

Ian Syder Blake

Associate Editor - About Trans

Ian Townsley is the Associate Editor for About Trans. Ian is an outspoken advocate for the trans community and a performer who runs the H-Town Kings drag king show at Julie Mabry’s Pearl Bar on Washington Avenue every Wednesday night, Houston’s only drag king show. In addition to his work with About and with his performance art, Ian works with members of the trans community to have their gender markers changed, as well as to counsel others through the transitions in support groups across the city. Ian lives and works from his home in Houston, Texas.

Shelby-Headshot Our Staff

Shelby Jeffcoat

Managing Editor - About Magazine Dallas

Shelby Jeffcoat is the managing editor for About Magazine Dallas. Shelby served as a chief columnist for About Magazine for years before becoming the managing editor of the Dallas branch of About in 2018. His work has been featured all across the country, and has even been featured in the Huffington Post. In addition to his writing and editing duties, Shelby also curates all the events About hosts in and around the DFW area. Aside from his work with About Magazine, Shelby is an avid leader in Texas politics and works full-time in the political world. He lives and writes from his home in Dallas, Texas.

Al-Headshot Our Staff

Al Farb

Director of Music + Entertainment

Al Farb is the director of music and entertainment for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. Al has spent his career in radio, working as the morning show director for Houston’s New 93Q before moving on to become the assistant program director and music director for Dallas’s New Country 96.3 KSCS. Al also serves as the supervising producer for About Media’s forthcoming sitcom, The Anthony Project. Al has been a host of About Magazine’s FACE Awards, and has been nominated three times for OutSmart’s Gayest & Greatest Awards for Favorite Radio Personality. Al lives in and works from Dallas, Texas.

morena-roas-about-magazine-300x300 Our Staff

Morena Roas

Music + Entertainment

Morena Roas is the music and entertainment reporter for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. She is one of Houston’s most popular and most celebrated artist’s in the LGBTQIA community. She has performed at Houston’s Pride Celebration, Austin’s SXSW, and has won countless awards for her performances. Morena was the runner-up in Pride Houston’s 2013 Pride SuperStar. She was named Favorite Female Entertainer at About Magazine’s 2013 FACE Awards. She is also the winner of Morena also co-coordinates About Magazine’s annual Pride Edition and hosts the weekly open mic show “The Floor Is Yours” at Guava Lamp. In addition, Morena is also the designer of the MollyNation apparel, which has designed clothing for About Magazine, Spectrum South, and more.  Morena lives in and works from her home in Houston, Texas.

madyheadshot-1 Our Staff

Madyson Crawford


Madyson Crawford has both her B.A. and M.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her specialization was in black geographies and knowledge production in the U.S. South. She is currently a political organizer and is passionate about reproductive justice and prison abolition. She identifies as Black and Queer and Fem. Her work explores narratives of black, queer, feminist politics in the South. She is currently writing a fictional column that explores the lives of three southern black queer women as they create, work, date, and exist. Her favorite color is yellow and she often rereads The Host by Stephenie Meyer. She accepts all criticisms for her choice in literature.

Nathan-Neel-Publicity-Beast-About-Magazine-300x300 Our Staff

Robert Neel

Digital News Editor

Robert Neel is the Digital News Editor for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. Robert, in addition to his work with About, is fluent in advertising and marketing and works as a model. Robert lives in and works from his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

36656583_10155694174457066_2620716815554183168_n-300x300 Our Staff

Gin Martini

Fashion + Beauty

Gin Martini is a fashion and beauty contributor for About Magazine. She is also behind the looks of some of your favorite local drag artists. Between Running Gin Martini Designs, Gin Martini Music, and teaching the youth how to sew over at Workshop Houston, she has been the go-to-gal for Last Minute Style. From Pride Superstar winner 2015 to Face Award nominee for Fashion Design of the Year, Gin is here to give you the Inside look at queer fashion in Houston, Texas. Gin lives in and works from Houston, Texas.

Stoo-Headshot Our Staff

Stoo Gogo

Fashion + Beauty

Stoo Gogo is a fashion and beauty contributor for About Magazine. Though he is known as the other half of BLING ST. (a local Pop band that received billing as the #1 Houston Album of 2017 by the Houston Chronicle), Stoo has always utilized fashion as a tool within his creative and personal lives. By collaborating with Gin Martini, Stoo is ready to explore the fabulosity living in Houston. He lives in and works from Houston, Texas.

cade-michals-about-magazine-300x300 Our Staff

Cade Michals

Investigative + News

Not only is Cade the Publisher, he is also an investigative news journalist. Cade’s in-depth investigations has won many state awards and his news is of original content. Cade also works in the music industry, working along side Nashville’s finest to promote their music and artistry. Cade lives in and works from Nashville, Tennessee.

david-guerra-about-magazine-300x300 Our Staff

David Guerra

Sports + Photojournalist

David Guerra leads the LGBTQIA sports division for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. David also leads oversight into photojournalism for all of About Magazine’s content. David is also a licensed realtor for Peggy Max Remax Bay Area. David is the owner of David Guerra Pictures. He serves as the cinematographer for About Media’s web series Wineding Down with Anthony and The Anthony Project. David lives in and works from Deer Park, Texas.

Brandie-Headshot Our Staff

Brandie Larsen

Head Editorial Assistant

Brandie Larsen is About Magazine’s editorial assistant who helps with the selection and editing of About’s daily content, as well as the content selected by its sister publishing company, About Editions. Brandie is a graduate of Full Sail University with both her BFA and MFA in Creative Writing. Brandie lives in and works from Vanceboro, North Carolina.

megheadshot Our Staff

Megan Prevost

Assistant to the Editor + Book Reviews

Megan Prevost is the assistant to the editor-in-chief who also spends her time reviewing LGBTQIA books at About Magazine. Currently, Megan is a Creative Writing student at Full Sail University in Florida. She likes to read books and cry over stray cats. Megan also recently joined About Media’s forthcoming sitcom, The Anthony Project, as the show’s story editor and writing assistant. Megan lives in, attends school in, and works from Orlando, Florida.

Adam-Headshot Our Staff

Adam Kuta

Social Media Intern

Adam Kuta is the social media intern for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. Adam has a passion for telling interactive stories centered on diverse casts, LGBTQIA issues, and acceptance. He earned his Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA from Full Sail University, where he graduated as valedictorian and Advanced Achiever, was president of the PRIDE Club, and played lots and lots of video games. Adam lives in and works from Bellevue, Washington.

Editorial Emeritus

Lance Wilcox

News + Entertainment Editor

Ray Hill

Historian + Civil Rights Columnist

Justin Peranio

Food News Digital Editor

Will Edings

Entertainment + Music Reporter

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