The Round-Up and The Anthony Project, two of the forthcoming television shows About Media (a production company subsidiary of About Magazine), are entering production.

(HOUSTON) – As reported back in February, About Magazine opened its own publishing house and production company in late 2017 (respectively titled About Editions and About Media). The production company would offer all its content through free streaming services. At the time, three television shows were slated for late 2018 and early 2019. A full, 13-episode series order was given to the first season of About editor-in-chief Anthony Ramirez’s sitcom, The Anthony Project, with pilot scripts orders placed to Lifelong Learning (based on the collection of short stories by Zeke Jarvis published by About Editions in March) and How to Break My Neck (based on the collection of poetry by Jessica L. Walsh also published by Editions). In the time since, About Media has greenlit a fourth program, a pre-recorded, round-table talk show entitled The Round-Up with Mel Rose hosted by local Houston artist Mel Rose.

TAPWriters About TV: Round-Up & Anthony Project
Kimberly Dyan, Al Farb, Rebekah Knight, Megan Prevost, Brie Grayson, Shaun Gray, Lea Alonso, Wendy Taylor, Christian Peck, and Veronica Strutts.

As of July, The Anthony Project officially began pre-production. Ramirez will serve as executive producer, head writer, director, and star of the show and has brought on a large scale team of writers to round out the show’s first season of scripts. Among his team former 93Q morning show producer Al Farb joins the staff as supervising producer, local Houston musician Wendy Taylor joins as Ramirez’s co-executive producer, and returning writer Kimberly Dyan makes her comeback as coordinating producer. The remainder of their writing staff includes 2018 Pride SuperStar contestant Shaun Gray, actor and vocalist Christian Peck, Houston drag queen Veronica Strutts, returning TAP writer/producer Rebekah Knight, Houston-native and LA-transplant Brie Grayson, About Magazine staffer Megan Prevost and Florida International University alum, Lea Alonso. The sitcom, which revolves around a fictionalized version of Ramirez and his cartoonish coworkers, is set at a fictional version of About Magazine where Ramirez works as a sex writer, jumping back-and-forth in time between the protagonist dealing with the death of his grandmother and recovering after being a victim of rape.

AANDMR About TV: Round-Up & Anthony Project
Anthony Ramirez, Mel Rose

As for The Round Up, this is only one of the two productions artist Mel Rose is undertaking. While the second will be a broadcast radio show (Mel Rose On Air), Round-Up will travel a different avenue into film. Having been picked up for a 13-episode first season with Mel Rose and Ramirez serving as co-executive producers, the series will engage in show-long topics that are discussed with a panel about topics like depression, suicide, relationships, women in the entertainment industry, the price of freedom, and many more. Mel Rose describes her show as different from other talk shows like it because it “makes the audience ask how their actions affect the people around them.”

Mel Rose conceived the idea long ago and is currently rounding up guest panelists and professionals in the careers of many of these topics. She hopes that her show will take away the politics and anger that are dividing people on all sides and will instead give them an opportunity to look at the most humanistic aspects of the issues and wires that connect all people to each other. An interview with Mel Rose will be released tomorrow (8-1-18).

The Anthony Project is now scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2019, with The Round-Up scheduled to begin airing in early September. An early viewing party for the first episode of Mel Rose’s show will be held Friday, August 25th. How to Break My Neck (a story about a poet who has lost her words, but finds them again with a little magic) and Lifelong Learning (an anthology about a dystopian society in which rules mean everything) are being pushed back until summer 2019.

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